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We specialize in a comprehensive, client-centered approach to mental health and emotional stability.  We offer quality, professional care to all ages.  Our specialties include: Trauma or PTSD; children and adolescents with emotional and behavioral challenges; adults with depression, emotional instability and/or grief and loss issues; and aging adults dealing with depression surrounding limited mobility, loss of loved ones and other challenges related to aging.  We stress cultural competency to our clinicians, so we can honor the great diversity man-kind has to offer.  The intricate workings of the human mind, along with the challenges it can present, are viewed many different ways throughout the world, which lead to wonderfully rich contexts we get to climb into and experience with our clients.

PTSD and Trauma

Many people in our community, including soldiers, sexual assault victims, survivors of horrific accidents or medical conditions and the survivors of child or domestic abuse, are also the survivors of a trauma.  Some go on with little to no effect on them emotionally, while most are haunted in a myriad of fashions throughout the rest of their lives.  We can help.  Through a client-centered approach, using the latest breakthroughs in trauma related research, like Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, we help people minimize and eliminate the invasive and overwhelming pain from these experiences, leaving you with that sense of peace and normalcy nearly forgotten.

Children and Adolescents

Many people have children with behavioral challenges and/or explosive behavior, making the child often described as "the problem child".  If this is the case, we can help.  With years of experience in a psychiatric day treatment center for children, our clinician, Benjamin, has seen it all.  He uses that experience with the children and their families to help clarify diagnosis, educate parents on effective strategies and behavioral interventions and uses evidence-based practices to help the child maximize their potential, while enhancing the overall quality of life in the home.  This work has many such children back in school where they are succeeding and are generally a pleasure to be around.


Adults experience a wide spectrum of mental health challenges.  We help people suffering from depression, bipolar disorder, intimacy issues, phobias and social seclusion.  We help people shed a new perspective on an existing diagnosis, while also giving them the coping strategies needed to lead a more fulfilling life.  We also help those who are recently divorced or separated, or may have recently lost a loved one, come to terms with their loss and find hope in moving forward. 

We specialize in the area of sexual identity in a very supportive, non-judgmental and professional fashion.  Many people feeling lost, misunderstood or completely isolated can find a safe, nurturing place to explore exactly who you are, free from the demands and expectations of others.  This new understanding and resulting confidence can help you formulate a plan moving forward to live a life true to you.

Older Adults

As we get older, we can lose mobility, which can result in depression from not being able to do the things we have always loved to do.  To help people with mobility problems, we collaborate with mobility specialists in the community while also helping to deal directly with the emotional damage these limitations have taken on your life.  As you get your strength and mobility back, and you win back your confidence and joy in living, you transform into someone once thought lost, someone very familiar to you.

We also specialize in grief and loss counseling surrounding the loss of friends and loved ones.  As we age, it seems we lose more and more people close to us, and the reality of just how limited our time really is begins to set in, often very heavily.  Sometimes it just takes someone to help us process our emotional pain and confusion and offer a new perspective or lens to view life through moving forward.  This is a very worth while service.

In Home Services

We offer in home services to those with physical disabilities or emotional challenges which leave you unable to access our offices. 

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